How to get Dragon Scales in Blox Fruits

Is there a secret to collecting Dragon Scales?

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Dragon Scales are a rare material in Blox Fruits that are highly coveted by players. These scales can be used to upgrade weapons and obtain the Godhuman fighting style. However, obtaining Dragon Scales in Blox Fruits is incredibly difficult and requires grinding. Here is where and how you can get Dragon Scales in Blox Fruits.

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How to gather Dragon Scales

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You must defeat the Dragon Crew Archer and Dragon Crew Warrior enemies to obtain Dragon Scales in Blox Fruits. Both of these NPCs are only found on Hydra Island in the Third Sea. Ensure your character is well-equipped with the best fruit, sword, or fighting style. Use your best attacks and techniques to defeat these enemies while dodging their powerful attacks.

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The Dragon Crew Archer

The Dragon Crew Archer is a level 1,600 NPC that appears feminine and uses the Combat Fighting Style as its melee attacks. They can use the Serpent Bow’s Z [Poisonous Blast]. To find them, head to the right of the Friendly Arena or go behind the Island Empress’s Palace.

The Dragon Crew Warrior

The Dragon Crew Warrior is a level 1,575 NPC that appears female and uses the Longsword as their main weapon. They can use Longsword’s X move [Annihilate]. They are the third set of mobs to farm after Pistol Billionaires. You can find them on the left and right of the Friendly Arena.

It’s worth noting that the Amazon Quest giver offers quests to defeat 8 Dragon Crew Archers and 8 Dragon Crew Warriors, respectively. Completing these quests rewards you with a sum of money and a large amount of experience. We recommend doing these quests while grinding for the scales as they are extremely rare, and you must kill 100s of enemies.