How to get Evader Emblems in Dead by Daylight

Stay away.


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You can earn Emblems in Dead by Daylight through most of the things you’ll do in a Trial. Each one is earned by performing a specific action, and you see how well you did in the quality of your Emblem at the end of the Trial. This guide explains how to get Evader Emblems, and outlines how to boost the quality of the Emblem you receive.

How do you get Evader Emblems?

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Evader Emblems are awarded to Survivors by their skill in hiding from the Killer or escaping them. You earn points for stealth, meaning hiding in lockers or just nearby while the Killer is stalking the map, and from chases. You gain points by winning chases, escaping the Killer, or giving them the slip so they lose you. However, you can earn points by losing chases, as in being caught by the Killer. The more actions you make that earn points — winning chases and being stealthy — the better the quality of your Evader Emblem.

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These Emblems help boost your Survivor level, which resets on the 13th of each month. The higher your Survivor level, the more rewards you’ll earn when the level is reset. Sometimes a Tome or Daily Ritual will require you to earn these Emblems too, so they’re always worth understanding and knowing how to get.

How to increase the quality of your Evader Emblems

You can get better quality Evader Emblems, namely silver and gold, by being the best Survivor possible. You need to win chases and never lose them. In addition, you’ll have to find places to hide while the Killer searches for someone to hook. If they don’t find you, you’ll get a big boost to stealth points, which will greatly increase the quality of the Evader Emblem you earn.