How to get Flesh Rippers in Valheim

To get the resources needed for crafting Flesh Rippers in Valheim, you must venture into the perilous, frigid hollows of the Frost Caves.

Wielding the Flesh rippers Weapon in Valheim

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One of the coolest weapons for those playing as a stealthy rogue or assassin-type fighter in Valheim is the Flesh Rippers, a pair of handheld blades that deals damage based on your Fists skill. This weapon is perfect if you prefer to get into close-quarters combat with your foes and slash them to shreds with fast, high-damage attacks. If your first strike manages to be a stealthy Backstab, your Flesh Rippers will deal six times the damage. To get this deadly Fists-based armament, you must venture into the frigid Mountain biome of Valheim.

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Crafting Flesh Rippers in Valheim

Frost Cave Entrance and a Cultist in Valheim
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To craft the Flesh Rippers weapon in Valheim, you will need three materials from the Mountain biome, including clumps of Fenris Hair, Fenris Claws, and bars of Silver. Silver comes from Silver Ore, a mineral found in deposits discovered using the Wishbone, an equippable accessory dropped by the Swamp’s Bonemass. Alternatively, you can recognize areas where Silver Ore might be if there are Drakes nearby or Obsidian nodes. Like Copper Ore, Silver Ore is refined into its ingot form using a Smelter fueled with Coal. Fenris Claws and Hair, on the other hand, are much trickier to procure.

Fenris Hair and Claws in Valheim
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While exploring the Mountain biome of Valheim, you will eventually encounter a Frost Cave, the Dungeons of the region. Inside these caves is where you will find the Fenris Claws and Hair required for crafting the Flesh Rippers in Valheim. However, the tunnels and chambers of the Frost Caves are guarded by flame magic-wielding Cultists and Ulvs, wolf-like creatures that will attack any intruder on sight. Once you deal with these enemy mobs, you can loot their shrines and living chambers for resources. Fenris Claws and Hair can be discovered atop the pedestals in a shrine, and Fenris Hair can also be gathered by destroying the hanging mantles of hair on certain walls. After collecting ten hair clumps, ten Silver ingots, and six claws, you can make the Flesh Rippers at a Forge in Valheim.