How to get Gale in Brawl Stars

Gale has arrived to Brawl Stars

Screengrab via Supercell

There’s a new brawler available in Brawl Stars, and they released alongside the Brawl Pass, which is a premium reward track available in the game. While players can purchase this premium track to receive additional rewards, there is a free version available to everyone in the game. Gale is available alongside this new premium option, and the brawler is ready to fight.

The easiest and quickest way to obtain Gale in the game, right now, is to receive him by purchasing the premium Brawl Pass. You can purchase it using 170 gems, which equates to $9.99. You can do this instantly at any time while playing the game. He unlocks once you reach level 30 on the Brawl Pass.

Alternatively, the only other way to obtain Gale is by procuring brawl boxes full of his power points. You can earn these by advancing on the Brawl Pass. You can do this by participating in the free version or the premium version, although the premium version comes with additional rewards.

Gale is Chromatic rarity, which is the new highest rarity in Brawl Stars. Each season, Gale’s rarity will steadily lower, so he becomes more available to players. For this season, Tara’s Bazaar, he is Legendary, which has a 0.1 percent chance to drop in any box. After this season, he will become Mythic, and those have a 0.2 percent chance to drop. Finally, he’ll become Epic after being out for two seasons, which has a 0.5 percent chance to drop. 

You’ll need to wait for a total of three complete seasons for him to become Epic and more readily available.