How To Get Gold Rank For The ‘Scavenger Hunt’ Trial in Risk of Rain Returns

The Providence Trials unlock new abilities in Risk of Rain Returns, and this guide details the best way to get a Gold Rank in Scavenger Hunt.


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When you unlock the Providence Trials in Risk of Rain Returns, these are some of the toughest challenges you can undergo when playing specific classes. Scavenger Hunt is one of the harsher ones, and you’ll be playing as the Enforcer.

While working through the Scavenger Hunt Trial, you’re expected to use the Enforcer throughout the encounter, and you have to use its new main weapon, Shrapnel Grenade. There are a few other rules you need to respect while working within this mode, but there is a way for you to unlock the Gold Rank for this challenge. Here’s what you need to know about how to get the Gold Rank for the Scavenger Hunt Providence Trial in Risk of Rain Returns.

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Best Way to Get Gold Rank in Scavenger Hunt in Risk of Rain Returns

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Before accepting the Scavenger Hunt Trial, these are the requirements you need to follow. All chests on the map contain drones. The Enforcer will start with a maximum of 200 health points, and their health does not naturally regenerate. They will also begin with a Key Card and have to use the Shrapnel Grenade for their primary attack during this Risk of Rain Returns encounter. Getting the Gold Rank takes time for the Scavenger Hunt, and you might have to do this multiple times.

When you begin your Trial, work your way over to the map’s left side and progress up to the top and then to the middle of the arena. There should be a Healing Drone you can grab on the way and a locked door you can use your Key Card on, which you also get at the beginning of this Risk of Rain Returns trial. On the other side there should be a pair of Arms Race items, and you’ll want to add these to your equipment, increasing the usefulness of your Drones throughout the rest of the Trial.

The next step is to head toward the center and begin fighting against the many robots spawning on the map. Battling against them to earn money is the best way to get drones on this map, and you’ll want to get enough to purchase a handful of the chests that cost 90 Credits in your Risk of Rain Returns trial. I was able to grab two of them before an Elder Lemurian spawns at the center, and if you defeat it, you’ll get another Key Card. This Key Card can open up the top right locked door. However, you’re better off saving it, grabbing another healing drone and another attack drone before descending to the final boss, the Scavenger.

The door blocking your way to the Scavenger will require a Key Card. While falling to the boss, you can grab two pieces of equipment, and I usually grab The Backup one, which looks like a walkie-talkie. You’ll be able to summon multiple drones to fight with you.

When you reach the battle, it’s an all-out fight at the bottom. To face the boss, you want to activate your defensive ability as the Enforcer as quickly as possible in this Risk of Rain Returns fight, the Protect and Serve. Your drones will be doing much damage, and you’ll be supporting your Shrapnel Grenade and the Shield Slam ability. You should be able to outlast your fight against the boss. The main goal of getting a Gold Star is to ensure you complete the fight before 3:30 hits the timer, which means you must be done before 1:30:00 is left on the clock.

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You’ll have to try again if you don’t succeed. This took a lot of practice and fully leaning into optimizing my drones. It also helps to have at least two Healing drones protecting your Risk of Rain Returns character while they use the Protect And Serve ability, blocking as much damage as possible during this encounter.