How To Get Isos In Warframe (Farming Guide)

Farming Isos in Warframe is the one way to get better at Railjack quests and craft a bunch of cool items in the game.

Get Isos in Warframe

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Isos in Warframe are the only material standing between you and an upgraded Railjack. Well, technically, there’s more to it, but if you’re here, Isos are the missing ingredient.

Warframe can be a visually stunning game, especially during Railjack missions. Staring at the vastness of space from the comfort of your tiny mecha is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. However, as you explore all the Proxima planets, you might notice that your power slowly begins to wane. Missile firepower just doesn’t deal enough damage anymore, and enemies seem to be getting the best of you. For me, the breaking point was when I started to fail missions. One way to fix this is to upgrade your Railjack, but for that, you’ll need to get Isos.

How to Get Isos in Warframe

Farm Isos in Warframe
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The best way to farm Isos in Warframe is through Railjack missions in Venus Proxima, Neptune Proxima, Pluto Proxima, and Veil Proxima. Regardless of node, completely clearing out stages in these planets has a high chance of giving you Isos.

To farm Isos in Warframe, start a mission on one of these planets. It doesn’t matter which planet or node you choose; you’ll still pull the same amount. Venus Proxima will do if you don’t feel comfortable going for the higher-level planets or haven’t unlocked them yet.

You’ll get Isos from small shipwreckages or breakable asteroids scattered all over space. However, I highly suggest you clear all enemies and enemy crew-ships before getting to it just so you can explore freely without interruptions.

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Alternatively, you can get Isos in Warframe from Corpus Ramsled and many other Railjack-related enemies, but this is more RNG-dependent and not an excellent farming method.

The amount of Isos you get per turn will be determined by RNG, but in my experience, I’ve snagged around five each time.