How To Get Primed Mods in Warframe

Once players hit a certain point in Warframe, they need to move onto Primed Mods, but they’re hard to come by.


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Mods are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to enhancements players can make to their Warframes. These provide various buffs and advantages in battle, helping players maximize their efficiency – but the real modifications start with Primed Mods.

Primed Mods are better than standard Mods in every way. They’re more complex and come with new restrictions players might not be used to. However, the added benefits they provide far outweigh the complications they add to Warframe build crafting. In fact, they’re the first step in creating a Warframe that payers can take to end game activities, Prime Relic farming, and every new expansion.

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How To Get Primed Mods In Warframe

Image via Digital Extremes

There are a few ways to get Primed Mods in Warframe. The first is by purchasing them from Baro Ki’Teer, the Void Trader. This merchant appears at Public Relays every fortnight and sells rare goods for Ducats, which players will need to grind missions to earn. They should also have a price in Credits, though it will be far higher. If Baro Ki’Teer does have Primed Mods, there will be three or fewer of them in his inventory. These change each time he appears, but it’s the most limited way to get Primed Mods.

Another way to pick up Primed Mods is as Login Rewards. These are set, so all players can get them by logging in daily for a long period of time. We’ve broken down the rewards and how many daily logins are required to get them below.

  • Primed Fury – 200 Days
  • Primed Vigor – 400 Days
  • Primed Shred – 600 Days
  • Primed Sure Footed – 900 Days

The last way players can get Primed Mods is by trading on the Warframe Market. Other players will sell Primed Mods for roughly 500 to 600 Platinum, so they’re not cheap at all. We recommend buying Primed Mods from Baro Ki’Teer instead of from other players because the cost will be much more reasonable. Something we like to do to earn Platinum is buy multiple Primed Mods from the trader and then sell the extras to other players on the Market.

What Are Primed Mods in Warframe

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Primed Mods are enhanced versions of standard Mods in Warframe. While standard Mods provide small buffs and improvements, Primed Mods offer greater buffs and can be used in conjunction with other Mods that provide similar buffs.

This means that while it’s not possible to stack both Continuity and Primed Continuity on a Warframe, both of which increase Ability Duration, it is possible to stack Primed Continuity with Fleeting Expertise, Constitution, or Narrow Minded. These Mods all impact the length of Ability Duration in some way and can be used to modify it in such a way as is beneficial to a player.

Primed Mods have an increased energy cost compared to their standard counterparts. This means players might need to use Forma on their weapons and Warframe to get them to fit. This is a small price to pay, considering the massive benefits Primed Mods provide.