How to get Libre Pikachu in Pokémon Go’s first season of the battle league

Libre Pikachu is coming with the first season of Pokémon Go’s battle league

Image via Niantic

Varients of Pokémon are a fun flavor to have in Pokémon Go. It gives collectors a chance to acquire unique versions of Pokémon that are only available for a select amount of time, increasing the overall pool of choices in the game. One particular variant many are on the lookout for is a Libre Pikachu, and trainers even have the chance to dress up as a Libre Pikachu. To acquire this adorable Pokémon, you need to become more familiar with the game’s new battle league, how to go through the rankings, and the more wins you acquire, the more rewards you receive like encountering Scraggy.

For those on the lookout of this Pokémon, you need to participate in the game’s first season of the battle league, the PvP portion of the game. You not only need to participate in it, but you need to become the very best to defeat the competition and work your way through it because Libre Pikachu is a rank 10 reward.

To earn your way through the ranks, you only need to participate in the first season to make it through the first few ranks. After you reach rank five, then you need to start winning your matches rather than merely participating to rank up. After rank eight, though, any matches you lose count against you and pulls back down in the ranking, and you could potentially go from rank nine to eight if you lost enough. Reaching rank 10 will be a challenge. Liber Pikachu is a guaranteed random encounter, so after you’ve met them once at rank 10 and continue to gain rewards at this rank, there’s the possibility to capture more than one.

The first season of the Pokémon Go battle league starts on March 13.