How to get Lizard Bloom in Wild Hearts

A lizard blooms on the battlefield.

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Lizard Bloom is a material that can drop from a variety of endemic creatures in Wild Hearts. Each environment in Wild Hearts is packed with Giant and Small Kemono. Giant Kemono are big boss fights, while Small Kemono are often small animals intent on minding their own business unless you attack them. This material can drop in multiple locations, and we will show you how to get Lizard Bloom in Wild Hearts.

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Where to get Lizard Bloom in Wild Hearts

Lizard bloom is a versatile material that can drop from several different creatures, scattered around multiple environments. This material isn’t just used for forging weapons and armor; it’s often required to complete bounty missions and sidequests. As the name implies, you can often find Lizard Bloom from lizard Kemono roaming in each environment.

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Lizard Bloom can be earned by slaying or petting a Springwatch Monitor or Nightshade Monitor Kemono. These creatures can be found in Akikure Canyon and Natsukodachi Isle, respectively. The standard and invasive variants of these creatures both drop this rare resource.

We suggest that you try and pet these creatures, as slaying them only has a chance to drop Lizard Bloom among items such as Pointed Scale. Petting these lizards will always drop Lizard Bloom. Springwatch Monitors are more straightforward to pet, as Nightshade Monitors are territorial and will often attack you on sight.

This material can be used as a food ingredient, and its often a bounty quest objective. This material is also used to create Ornaments. To create an Ornament, visit Yataro in the hub city of Minato. Ornaments are unique cosmetics that can be used to adorn your helmets and armor sets. They are cosmetic only and provide no meaningful stat boost.