How to get Malicious Emblems in Dead by Daylight

Wipe them out.

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When you finish a Trial in Dead by Daylight, you’re given Emblems depending on how you played. Specific actions award certain Emblems, but you’ll need to gear your play style toward a specific type of Killer or Survivor if you want to earn some of these. This guide explains how to get Malicious Emblems and how you can improve their quality to boost your Killer level.

How do you get Malicious Emblems?

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Malicious Emblems are awarded to Killers that apply pressure on Survivors. This means that the Killer successfully prevents Survivors from helping one another whenever possible. Points are awarded for hurting and downing Survivors, obviously, but also for interrupting actions and hooking them. However, Survivors can bring your points down by successfully healing so that pressure can never let up.

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These Emblems will increase your overall Killer level and boost the rewards you get when it resets on the 13th of every month. The rewards include currencies that can be used to buy new cosmetics and teachable perks, all of which will help you be a better Killer.

How to improve the quality of Malicious Emblems

There are a few ways to improve the quality of your Malicious Emblem and get closer to an iridescent rating. Everything you’d normally do as a Killer counts, so keep chasing, hurting, downing, and hooking Survivors. You’ll get more points if you prevent Survivors from healing and interrupting them while they’re repairing generators, so never stop moving around the map. If you keep shifting from generator to generator, you’ll prevent the Survivors from doing much of anything, herding them from hook to hook like a sinister shepherd. The Huntress is great for this because of her long-range attack.