How to collect a new item and escape in Dead by Daylight

Boost your inventory.


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Survivors can bring items into any Trial in Dead by Daylight, giving them an edge that might help them beat the Killer. However, even if you’re desperate to use one, you don’t necessarily need to unlock it in the Bloodweb and equip it first. This guide explains how to collect a new item and escape with it so you can add it to your inventory.

How to collect new items

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The only way to collect new items in Dead by Daylight is from a Trial. You must start a Trial and find a chest. Once you’ve opened the chest, pick up the item inside and hold onto it until you escape. If you’re simply trying to complete a challenge, this will accomplish the overall goal. However, any item you take into the Trial will be lost, so it makes sense to only go into a match with no item equipped if you plan on finding and collecting a new one.

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Can you use an item and still escape with it?

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Items have charges. For example, the toolbox can be used to sabotage hooks or repair generators, but only for a set amount of time. Once that time has been used up, the charge on the item is gone. If you pick up an item from a container in a Trial and use up its charge, you won’t then escape with it. If you want to escape with an item, you can’t use its charge. This puts you in an awkward position if the item is a med-kit or something else that will help your fellow Survivors. For the one match you want to escape with an item, though, you’ve got to be mean and clutch it close to your chest.