How to get Manifested Pages in Destiny 2

What do the pages reveal?

The Festival of the Lost has returned in Destiny 2. The event will be active from October 12 to November 2, giving everyone plenty of time to earn enough candy to turn in to Eva for various prizes. This year, players will be also be working on obtaining Manifested Pages. There are several ways for you to earn these pages during the Festival. This guide will detail the best way to get Manifested Pages and where you can find them in Destiny 2.

The easiest way to obtain Mainfested Pages is by collecting Spectral Pages. You can earn these by completing activities throughout the Festival of the Lost, such as Bounties, Public Events, Crucible or Gambit matches, and Strikes while wearing the Festival of the Lost mask. When you have enough Spectral Pages, you need to bring those into a Haunted Sector and then transform them into Manifested Pages, which you then turn into the Book of the Forgotten. You earn Manifested Pages by summoning Headless Ones at summoning rituals, defeating them, and then completing the Haunted Sector.

You’ll be using the Manifested Pages to purchase pieces of lore from the Book of the Forgotten vendor throughout the event. You can also earn Manifested Pages from the chests you loot from the Haunted Lost Sectors after completing it.

You’ll need to visit the Book of the Forgotten pretty often throughout the event. You’ll need to complete the Haunted Lost Sectors to obtain as many Manifested Pages as you can, so long as you have enough Spectral Pages available from completing outside activities. Make sure to bring your ideal fireteam to complete these areas and battle against the Headless Ones. Also, make sure to wear your favorite Festival of the Lost mask to earn candy.