How to get Spectral Pages in Destiny 2

Obtain these pages to learn

Festival of the Lost has returned to Destiny 2, and you might recognize many activities from the previous year’s celebration. You will work through more spooky content as you attempt to earn Halloween-related loot and candy. One of the drops players can make is called Spectral Pages, and you’ll need those if you want to create Manifested Pages at the Book of the Forgotten vendor. This guide will detail what you need to do to earn Spectral Pages in Destiny 2.

Where to find Spectral Pages in Destiny 2

You’ll be completing activities throughout the game when you first need to earn them for Eva’s quest. These can be Public Events, Bounties, Crucible Matches, Gambit activities, or Strikes. Upon completing any of these events, you’ll receive a handful of these pages, but only if you have the Festival of the Mask on your character. You’ll receive the mask by speaking with Eva at the start of the event on the tower.

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Once you have enough, you want to return them to the Tower to complete Haunted Sector activities. You’ll gain access to the Haunted Sector as you work through Eva’s quest, “Gone but Not Forgotten.”

You’ll want to repeat your favorite activities throughout the Festival of the Lost to earn more Spectral Pages. You have until November 2 to earn enough of these to turn into Manifested Pages during Haunted Sectors to turn in at the Book of the Forgotten. We recommend completing Strikes, as they might be the quickest way for players to earn the Spectral Pages without being too stressed out for time. In addition, make sure to wear your chosen mask during the event to earn candy to turn in to Eva.