How to get a Terminal Overload key in Destiny 2

Find the key and unlock more loot.


Screenshot via Bungie’s YouTube channel

Terminal Overload keys are how you can earn some valuable loot in Destiny 2. The way you go about finding this is a little tricky, and it’s not entirely straightforward where you’re going to find them while playing the Lightfall campaign. Where you can locate them comes down to visiting a specific location and completing their task. Here’s what you need to know about how to get a Terminal Overload key in Destiny 2.

Where to find a Terminal Overload key in Destiny 2

The Terminal Overload key is a specific reward you can earn by participating in activities and content on Neomuna, on Neptune. You can earn one by participating in the Terminal Overload Strike, but you’ll want to make sure you speak with Nimbus first, the vendor you can find on Neomuna. They will be at the front of the Hall of Heroes on the north side of the map. Speak with them, and in their available bounties, they will have a Daily Bounty where you can earn a Terminal Overload key by completing the specific objective.

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After you have the bounty, this can only be completed by participating in the Terminal Overload activity. You and two other Guardians will work together to battle against enemy forces in the Ahimsa Park area, and you’ll be causing a massive amount of chaos. The type of bounty you need to complete while participating in this activity does vary. We recommend adjusting your loadout to meet the parameters of the activity.

Once you’ve completed the Daily Bounty, the Terminal Overload key will be available in your inventory. You can use it to unlock Terminal Overload chests that yield additional rewards on Neomuna.