How to get Pufferfish in Valheim

Pufferfish like the taste of Lox.

Pufferfish Trophy in the Mistlands of Valheim

Screenshot by Gamepur

The spiked and poisonous seafood delicacy of the Pufferfish is one of the dozen fish you can catch in Valheim. Unlike other fish, the Pufferfish will release toxins from its body if you come into contact with it or stand too close. However, this poisoning effect is not applied when the fish is in your inventory. Whether you are looking to prank your friends with this mechanic or wish to complete your trophy wall of Valheim’s seafood, you must understand which biome and fishing bat type are required to catch this fish.

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Catching Pufferfish in Valheim

Fishing for Pufferfish in the Mistlands in Valheim
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Before you embark on your fishing trip to catch a Pufferfish in Valheim, you must know that it only bites a specific lure. Like the Anglerfish, Pufferfish prefer Misty fishing bait, a lure made in the cauldron using Fishing bait × 20 and Lox trophy × 1. Fishing bait can be purchased from Haldor, the dwarven trader, in stacks for 20 at 10 Coins per stack. As for the Lox trophy, you must explore the Plains in search of Lox, the reptilian ox-like creatures that typically spawn in herds. There is a 10% chance that a slain Lox will drop its trophy, so you might need to grind out a few hunting trips before you can craft the Misty fishing bait for the Pufferfish in Valheim.

Once you have the proper bait for catching Pufferfish, the next step is entering the Mistlands of Valheim, the fog-enveloped lands where giants once resided. While not necessary for fishing, we highly recommend you build a Stonecutter to make a Wish fountain for Wisps. Having a Wisplight allows you to see through the foggy areas of the Mistlands, alleviating the threat of the unknown. After you find a good fishing spot off the coasts of the Mistlands, cast out your fishing rod’s line with Misty fishing bait to get Pufferfish in Valheim.