How to get Salad Dressing in Tower of Fantasy

It makes eating the salad much easier.

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Making food in Tower of Fantasy will keep you at top health and provide various bonuses and buffs to your character. However, you need the proper ingredients to make these foods at cooking sites situated all over the open world. One of the lower-tier ingredients you will need for some food is Salad Dressing. Here is where you can find and get Salad Dressing in Tower of Fantasy.

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Where to find Salad Dressing in Tower of Fantasy

The most consistent way to get Salad Dressing in Tower of Fantasy is to buy it from a Food Vendor. Right from the beginning of the game, you can get some from Mrs. Taylor in Astra outside the first ruins that you venture into in the game or from Harriet at Banges Dock. Whenever you find a vendor selling Salad Dressing, you can purchase it from them for 60 Gold and can buy up to 99 a day. If you want more, you will need to return the next day, but it will always be available at these locations.

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Salad Dressing is a low-tier ingredient, so you can get it from most Food Vendors. Wherever you are, just look for the local vendor, who should be carrying that and some other easy to get and cheap ingredients for other recipes. It will be sitting right there next to Milk, Onions, Rice, and Carbonated Water.

When you have your Salad Dressing, there are multiple recipes that you can use it in to make some helpful meals. There are some pretty good dishes that Salad Dressing is required for, so you will definitely want to grab some to have access to the better vegetable meals in the game.