What are gifts used for in Tower of Fantasy? Answered

The best gift is gift giving.

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Of all the consumables, materials, and currencies in Tower of Fantasy, gifts are one of the few that are easy to obtain without paying a cent of real-world money. That doesn’t mean you want to neglect your gift-giving because you can gain some significant bonuses to your Weapon damage and earn some cosmetics and lore along the way. Get used to the gifting screen, too, because, for the best goodies, you’ll need to give a lot of them.

Here’s how to use gifts and what you get for giving them in Tower of Fantasy.

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How “gifts” works in Tower of Fantasy

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Gifts go to Simulacra, specifically on their Awaken screen. There are six tiers available based on how many Awakening Points you’ve invested in that Simulacra:

  • 200 Awakening Points: Player avatar of the chosen Simulacra
  • 600 Awakening Points: A log with the Simulacra’s source character, which takes the form of a text chat.
  • 1,200 Awakening Points: A new Trait specific to that Simulacra
  • 2,000 and 3,000 Awakening Points: New logs with the Simulacra’s source character
  • 4,000 Awakening Points: An improved version of the 1,200-point Trait

What gifts each simulacra like depend on their personality. Samir, for instance, is mercurial, somewhat childish, and likes games and puzzles. Any purple rarity gift marked Game or Toy will grant the most Awakening Points (60 total). Other gifts will award either 10 (Fishing) or 20 points (Mobility) depending on their source. Blue-rarity gifts she likes give 30, those she’s okay with give 20 points, and those she doesn’t like give 10. There are also Green rarity gifts, which award 15 or 5 Awakening points.

Where and how to get gifts in Tower of Fantasy

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Gifts come from three sources. The Crystal Dust Store sells a purple and a blue gift collection box for 60 or 30 Dust, respectively. You can also buy them from the Training Points store at 240 points for a purple gift box or 120 for a blue. You can get green gifts through the Points shop or Item Vendors in Banges.

You earn Crystal Dust by spending Vitality in Select missions like Joint Operation and Interstellar Exploration, and training points come from completing the various Training activities out in the world. You can also access training through the Challenge submenu in the Adventure section.