How to get Seriglass Shard in Warframe

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Serigalss Shard is a very rare resource in Warframe. It cannot be farmed, and can only be obtained from Grandmother in the Necralisk of Deimos. To get Seriglass Shard, you need to choose the Grandmother’s Oddities option from her menu, and pay 20 Grandmother Tokens to get it.

What is Seriglass Shard used for?

Seriglass Shard is used to make some weapons in the game, and is also required as a sacrifice to hit the final rank of the Entrati Syndicate. The Seriglass Shard is used in the construction of the Sepulcrum secondary weapon, Quassus melee weapon, and Trumna primary weapon.

How to get Grandmother Tokens

Grandmother Tokens can be gotten from Grandmother by trading for other family member’s Tokens. Grandmother will sell a rotating stock of Grandmother Tokens that require different amounts of Tokens from each of the other family members. For example, she can sell a Grandmother Token for 10 Mother Tokens, or 5 Father Tokens and 1 Son Token.

Normally it will cost 1000 Standing worth of Tokens to purchase a single Grandmother Token, which is then worth 1500 Standing. If you have already maxed out your ranks with the Entrati and the Necraloids, this is a great way to increase your Standing for purchases blueprints and resources from the family members.

You can find each family member, the Tokens they give, and how to get them listed below:

  • Otak Tokens – exchange gems and alloys obtained through mining for these tokens – 100 Standing
  • Mother Tokens – completing bounties for Mother – 100 Standing (this is by far the best Token to spend on upping your Standing)
  • Father Tokens – can be earned by trading assorted resources found on Cambion Drift to Father under the Parts Requisition option when you speak with him – 100 Standing
  • Daughter Tokens – can be earned through fishing on Cambion Drift – 100 Standing
  • Son Tokens – these can be earned by conserving animals on Cambion Drift – 500 Standing
  • Grandmother Tokens – you can trade Grandmother a selection of lesser tokens for a Grandmother Token, worth 1500 Standing.