How to get sorted into Hufflepuff in Hogwarts Legacy

You may want to consider this easily overlooked house.

Image via Portkey Games

Hufflepuff characters in the Wizarding World are often categorized as basic NPCs, but no one should feel let down if they were a part of what is a house full of loyal and hardworking people. With that said, some people will want to be put in Hufflepuff when they begin Hogwarts Legacy. If you are in this group, that is completely doable. Here is how to get sorted into Hufflepuff in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to get into Hufflepuff house in Hogwarts Legacy

If you are a Hufflepuff fan and want to join the house in Hogwarts Legacy, you can choose to join the house when in the Sorting Ceremony near the beginning of the game. When you first get to Hogwarts after your stop at Gringott’s Bank, you will sit down and the Sorting Hat will be put on you. If you have previously taken the Pottermore quiz and linked your Wizarding World account to your WB Games profile, whatever results you had there will be recommended to you first. If you don’t agree, you can deny this and choose another house.

The Sorting Hat will ask you two questions while it is on your head. The first will revolve around what you are excited to do when school starts. This question doesn’t have any bearing on your house, so choose that you are excited to explore or start your classes.

While trying to narrow down where you should go, the Sorting Hat will struggle to see something in you, and you are given four choices to choose from:

  • Daring
  • Curiosity
  • Loyalty
  • Ambition

To be recommended the Hufflepuff house, you will need to choose Loyalty here. If you happen to choose the wrong one, you can change your answer and go with the right one. As long as you don’t confirm your choice, you have as long as you want to decide where to go. After that, you can not change your house decision without starting the game over with a new character.