How to get Soya and Soya Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Soya is the future.

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There are a ton of different ingredients that you can find as you progress through the different biomes of Disney Dreamlight Valley. These ingredients are used to craft delicious meals for yourself and the residents of the valley. Of course, while some ingredients are easy to spot and available rather quickly, others take time to unlock. Soya is one of those ingredients that you may spend ages trying to find. This guide will show you how you can get Soya and Soya Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to find Soya and Soya Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Unlike ingredients like Mushrooms and Apples, you can’t just find Soya growing on the ground or in a tree. Soya is more like Sugarcane. You need to obtain the seeds in order to obtain the plant. To start things off, you need to gain access to the Sunlit Plateau biome. This is the biome that is connected to the western side of the Plaza. At first, this biome will be shrouded by Night Thorns that need to be removed.

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Like the other biomes, you can remove the Night Thorns blocking the Sunlit Plateau if you have enough Dreamlight. You can obtain Dreamlight through multiple methods but the fastest way is by completing the Dreamlight Duties shown in the Dreamlight menu. It costs 7,000 Dreamlight to access the Sunlit Plateau.

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After gaining access to the Sunlit Plateau, you will need to unlock Goofy’s Stall. Just like in other areas, Goofy will sell seeds and vegetables at his shop. To unlock Soya and Soya Seeds, you will need to upgrade Goofy’s Stall in the Sunlit Plateau twice. Afterward, Goofy will sell Soya for 104 Star Coins and Soya Seeds for 60 Star Coins. You can also obtain the seeds for free by destroying Night Thorns in the Sunlit Plateau, but that is a random chance.