How to get Store Tokens in WWE 2K23

Time to start grinding.

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If you want to make full use of the entire WWE 2K23 roster, get familiar with the game’s various forms of virtual currency. In addition to VC (Virtual Currency) that is used for MyFaction, there’s also a form of Tokens that are needed to unlock wrestlers for all modes outside of MyFaction. So, how can you get these Tokens? Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

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How to unlock wrestlers and other items with Store Tokens

Much like in WWE 2K22, many players will need to grind in order to unlock a number of wrestlers in WWE 2K23. If you go to ‘Purchaseables’ after heading into the Store found in the options, you will find that a number of different wrestlers, as well as arenas and titles, are locked. In order to get those, you’ll need Tokens.

Tokens can be obtained by completing matches in WWE 2K23, like Quick Play and Universe. At the end of each match, a star rating will be awarded. This rating is influenced by defensive prowess, memorable moments, as well as a variety of moves used throughout the match. All of this influences how many Tokens are awarded after every match.

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The key to getting Tokens is to have good matches. Make it back-and-forth, with both sides getting in on the offense. Attempted pins and finishers check the boxes for heightened drama and varied offense, while reverses help with defense.

The more Tokens earned in WWE 2K23, the more wrestlers and other collectibles that can be unlocked. A majority of the wrestlers can be unlocked with Tokens.

Note: This is unrelated to MyFaction Tokens. MyFaction Tokens can be obtained by playing modes like Weekly Towers, Proving Grounds, etc.