How to get Sunglasses in Apex Legends

Laugh in the sun’s face and get a good tan while you’re at it.


Image via Apex Legends’ YouTube channel

The Sun Squad Collection Event in Apex Legends added a new game mode, Heatwave, in which players need to dodge heatwaves that take place every couple of minutes. However, there’s one item that lets players walk about during a heatwave without fear of being murdered by the sun. This guide explains how to get Sunglasses in Apex Legends so you can make the sun your ally.

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Where to find Sunglasses in Apex Legends

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Sunglasses only spawn in Care Packages in Apex Legends during the Sun Squad Collection Event. These generally appear at the start of each Heatwave match, so seek them out early before any other players have the chance to pick them up. We found that there were three pairs of Sunglasses in each Care Package in addition to one incredible weapon.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you get to the Care Package, you’ll find the Sunglasses in one of the sides. They’re a replacement for your helmet armor but are well worth the swap. Ensure you pick them up before a Heatwave starts so you can appreciate the difference in damage dealt.

What do Sunglasses do?

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While you’re wearing Sunglasses in Apex Legends during a Heatwave match, you’ll take dramatically less damage from the heatwaves than you do without those Sunglasses. While wearing Sunglasses, you could run around outside for an entire heatwave and not drop dead. Without them, though, you’ll take enough damage to get knocked down within half a heatwave, leaving you to die soon after unless a teammate drops a Heat Shield.

We found that it was best to grab Sunglasses early in the match. Make a straight run for the nearest Care Package as soon as it drops, even if it’s outside the next circle. The faster you get Sunglasses, the easier the rest of the match will be. Without Sunglasses, you’re forced into situations where other players can kill you in close-quarters combat regularly throughout the match. With them, you can steer clear of the players and have a much better chance of winning. This is important because you’ll want to finish in the top four or five teams as often as possible to complete the Sun Squad Collection Event’s hardest challenges.