How to get Supplies in Ghost of Tsushima

They will get you far.

Ghost of Tsushima

Image via Sony

All games need some form of currency, and the Ghost of Tsushima is no different. In war-torn Japan, gold means little to the people that you will meet, so everything is paid for with supplies. This is a nice touch from the developers, lending a realistic aspect to what people would consider important while their world burns down around them. 

Fortunately, supplies can be found in many different places in the game.

  • By killing enemies – defeated enemies will often drop supplies that you can then loot from their corpse.
  • Farms – farms that are occupied by the Mongols will have lots of supplies lying around. Be sure to search every building and outhouse before you move on.
  • Side Quests – completing side quests will be a great source of Supplies. You will often get supplies and resources when you complete them.
  • Clearing farms and outposts – if you kill all the Mongol invaders at a farm or outposts, you will be rewarded with some supplies.
  • Kill Patrols – Some patrols that move through different areas of the game will have a chest with them. If you can kill all the guards and loot the chest, this is an excellent, if high risk, source of supplies.
  • The side of the road – this is an odd one, but you can often find supplies on the side of roads or at crossroads. If you are running past on your horse, be sure to keep your eyes open for these free supplies.

No matter where you are in the game, be sure to search all around you, as supplies can show up just about anywhere, and you also earn a steady amount of them as you progress through the games many quests.