How to get the 2022 Festive Snowflake Ears in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Dress up for the holidays.

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The holiday season has brought many customization options to Disney Dreamlight Valley for you to try out. You can collect different hats, ears, and clothing, and you can even build yourself some holiday-themed furniture. One of the many clothing options available in the game is the 2022 Festive Snowflake Ears which match the red and green aesthetic of the holidays. This guide will show you how to get the 2022 Festive Snowflake Ears in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to find the 2022 Festive Snowflake Ears in Disney Dreamlight Valley

When the holiday items were released, the devs added multiple festive items for you to collect. While some of these items came from crafting and others came from completing holiday-themed tasks, others were hidden. They were hidden inside Dream Castle. If you don’t enter Dream Castle much or don’t have it unlocked, it is very easy to miss these items.

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You gain access to Dream Castle very early on in the game. After following Merlin’s quest line a bit, he will ask you to collect Dreamlight so that you can remove the Night Thorns blocking Dream Castle. Once you have completed this part of the game, Dream Castle becomes a permanent area that you can enter and explore as well as use to access different realms such as the Toy Story and Moana worlds.

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When the holidays came around, Dream Castle got decorations added to it. After entering the castle, look to the left and you will see a large group of presents. These presents can be interacted with just like any other object in the game. Interacting with these gift boxes will open them and give you items like Gold Nuggets, Hot Cocoa, Yule Logs, and the 2022 Festive Snowflake Ears. Once obtained, you can purchase this holiday item from Scrooge’s store. The item will also be added to your inventory.