How to get the Ali-A bundle in Fortnite

Fans of Ali-A can get his Icon series skin in Fortnite.

Image via Epic Games

Alastair Aiken aka Ali-A is a British YouTuber who primarily makes content around Fortnite. Aiken has over 17 million subscribers on the video platform, and thanks to his success Epic Games has collaborated with him to be the next content creator to get his own skin bundle under Fortnite’s Icon series.

Ali-A’s bundle is easily the largest and most impressive in this series so far. The Ali-A skin comes with eight different styles to choose from, which vary from Aiken in a more casual look, to him in a full suit of armor reminiscent of Iron Man. The Ali-A bundle, which you can purchase for 2,400 v-bucks includes the skin, Ali-Tech Backplate back bling, Ali-tech Plasmawings glider, Ali-Tech Staff harvesting tool, Lil’ Diplodoculus emote, and The Blue A gun wrap.

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What is super cool about the back bling, glider, and harvesting tool is that you can customize them to be one of four colors; Uncommon Combat (green), Rare Reaper (blue), Epic Insurgent (purple), and Legendarian (orange). Additionally, you can mix and match each item so you can get really unique with the customization.

If you’re not interested in purchasing every single part of the bundle you can purchase most of the items separately. The Ali-A skin includes the back bling and the glider (surprisingly) sells for 1,800 v-bucks, while the staff is selling for 800 plus the emote and gun wrap for 500 each.

Fortnite has done several collaborations in the past with popular content creators such as Ninja, Bugha, and Loserfruit just to name a few. If the Ali-A items are not available at the shop when trying to purchase, don’t worry. The creator Icon series skins always come back eventually.

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