How to get the Autocrat pistol in Far Cry 6

Looking sharp.

Far Cry 6 is filled with secret weapons that players can get their hands on. These will often outperform similar weapons in their class and can have special built-in mods. In this guide, we will show you where to get the Autocrat pistol in Far Cry 6.

This weapon first becomes available during a mission called Du or Die that players will get from Juan Cortex. It is found in a fort that is near Oro Puro Ridge in the game’s first location. You can see the form marked below by the red arrow.

During this mission, players will need to speak with an informant near a tower, then infiltrate a nearby fort. Players who go in through the caves beside the sea to the right side of the fort will find themselves in an underground dock.

There is one guard that players can take out, and then they will see some stairs that lead upward. Beneath those stairs, you will notice a cage in the area. Go to the right side of this area and you will find a wooden board you can smash with your machete, then crawl inside the cage.

Search the boxes in there and you will discover the Autocraft pistol. The weapon comes with a Gut-Wrencher mod for increase bodyshot damage, and the Trigger Discipline mod for improved aimed damage.