How to get the Bird of Prey achievement in Call of Duty: Vanguard

Keep your head down for this one.

Screenshot of Polina Petrova in Call of Duty Vanguard

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Vanguard’s sixth mission, “Lady Nightingale,” pits sniper Polina Petrova against numerous Nazi snipers, all of whom have the high ground advantage. If you can take out five of them without getting shot yourself, you’ll walk away with the “Bird of Prey” achievement. This guide will explain how to avoid getting shot during this long-range shootout.

This will be the first combat encounter you’ll face during the mission “Lady Nightingale.” Polina and her brother, Misha, will discover an open field being watched over by Nazi snipers. In order to advance, you have to take them out. However, don’t take aim just yet. You can order Misha to draw enemies’ fire by using Polina’s knife’s reflection. Remember to always issue this order to Misha before taking aim, otherwise, enemy snipers might notice you before you can get a shot off.

When the snipers take their first shot, crouch behind the first piece of cover in front of you; Misha should take cover behind the next structure ahead of you. There are two snipers you can hit here. One is on top of the tall building to the left, the other on top of the tall building to the right. The snipers should be easy to spot thanks to the lens flare of their scopes. Order Misha to distract them and take them out.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Move forward and keep to the right. There should be a destroyed building lined with sandbags that you can crouch behind. Two more snipers will spawn. Tell Misha to distract them, and take them out like before.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Move forward a little more, and you’ll enter a trench. Exit the trench to the right, and take cover behind a truck. Misha should join you, and two more snipers will spawn on the left and right sides of an abandoned building. Like before, let Misha distract them, and take them down. After you kill one of these snipers, the “Bird of Prey” achievement should unlock.

Screenshot by Gamepur