How to get the Bustin’ Out Achievement in DogLife

Came out clean on the other side!

Screenshot by Gamepur

In DogLife, you are a free and wild animal, and these humans can’t keep you locked down. Sometimes you need to act on those wild impulses and be free by getting out into the open world to make your mark to let everyone know that you are the Alpha. In this guide, we will tell you how to successfully escape the confines of your owners and earn the Bustin’ Out achievement.

To unlock this achievement, you need to be a part of a family. Go about your days doing what your owners expect of you or not; that choice is up to you. While going about your daily life, you may notice an encounter will appear with your owners leaving the door open. This open door is the opportunity you are looking for to make your escape.

When prompted with the open door, you will have a couple of options on how to proceed. The option to select is the one with the word escape in it. Upon choosing this option, you will be greeted with a mini-game that involves matching three moving sections together to form a lock. This game is a bit tricky, but the lock will assemble with proper timing, and you will be on your way. When you have completed the puzzle, you will immediately unlock the Bustin’ Out achievement.