How to get the Chameleon exotic in The Division 2

The Chameleon exotic is now available

Image via Ubisoft

When you want to improve your weaponry in The Division 2, the best way to go about that is by acquiring exotics. These exotics do incredible things, and some of them are a little difficult to locate. Gear, talents, and weapons are a huge deal in the game. An exotic many will want to find the Chameleon and it arrived with the release of episode 3. To locate it, you need to put in some work.

The Chameleon drops as a random item in the world. You need to have plenty of luck on your side if you want to add it to your collection, rather than doing a straightforward mission to obtain it. You can wander around the game looking for it if you want, but players are notably finding it through two methods: Targeted missions and Bounties.

For bounties, open up your map menu and find them in the top section. You should have a variety of choices here, showing the location of the bounties around the city and how much intel you need to do them. You want to locate the ones with a higher chance to drop assault rifles, likely needing to do a handful first before doing some of the harder bounties. The same goes for missions around the city. You can narrow down your mission selection by first doing the ones in districts with increased assault rifle drops, and if that doesn’t happen, continue doing the others until they refresh.

Here are the talents you receive with the weapon:

  • Adaptive Instincts: Hitting 30 headshots grants a 20 percent critical hit chance and 50 percent critical hit damage. Hitting 60 body shots grants 100 percent weapon damage for 45 seconds. Hitting 30 leg shots grants 150 percent reload speed for 45 seconds.
  • Overlap: While holstered, you gain five percent weapon handling

Additionally, the weapon changes color to match your environment, hence the name. The Chameleon is a solid exotic, and a worthwhile option to add to your The Division 2 collection.