How to get the COM.PEW.TER shotgun in Far Cry 6

The COM.PEW.TER is a fast-firing machine that can easily decimate enemies.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The COM.PEW.TER shotgun is one of the many unique weapons you can find throughout Yara. While some weapons are unlocked randomly and others are unlocked through quests, the COM.PEW.TER is unlocked by searching a specific area.

What makes this weapon great is how effective it is at close-range combat. While it won’t state it when you inspect the weapon, it fires a three-shot burst that will kill pretty much anything in its path. It has the Preloader perk on it that increases your reload speed if you reload the weapon before the magazine is empty. While it isn’t as powerful as the Supercharger, it is great for anyone who is just starting out.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Take a look at the map above. The COM.PEW.TER can be found by searching the Taino Peak Relax Station. This area is found in the southern region of Noventarmas. You can easily reach it by fast traveling to Hideout Montuno if you have that unlocked.

Once you reach the area, look for the large tower. It is pretty obvious and toward the top of the area. Take a look at the picture below for reference if needed.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Climb to the top of the tower to find the chest containing the shotgun. It is directly in front of the ladder you use to climb up so it is hard to miss. Be careful of the enemies in the area. We recommend taking them out before running up to the tower.