How to get the Dare skin in Fortnite

The space commander is extremely tough to earn in the battle royale.

Image via FortniteSkins

Although she is noted as only a Rare skin, Dare in Fortnite has been quite tough for newcomers to get their hands on. The character, who is most notable for rocking her iconic green and black futuristic outfit, first debuted in the game’s Item Shop in Chapter 1 Season 9. Since, she has become one of the most highly-desired skins, being that she has only been available for purchase just five times.

Dare has only been exclusive to the Item Shop since her arrival and, unfortunately, that likely won’t change in the future. She was last seen on December 20, 2021, but was left out from the store’s rotation for a whopping 659 days before that. Although when she’ll come back into the Shop is anyone’s guess, it is clear that Dare makes her way to the Item Shop at least once a year.

Considering she has a habit of being absent for hundreds of days on end, we’d guess the character won’t return until at least October of 2022. Once she does become available, Dare will come at the cost of 1,200 V-Bucks. Along with Dare, anyone who buys the skin will also have access to her Rare Streamline Back Bling for free.

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