How to get the Death Rites rifle in Far Cry 6

The last ones they need.

The Death Rites is an excellent rifle that players can get in Far Cry 6. As a signature weapon, they cannot make any changes to the weapon, but they can pack a punch thanks to their special perks and attachments.

The Death Rites rifle can be found after The New Revolution mission. In this mission, players will find themselves infiltrating enemy boats to free prisoners to gain favor with La Moral. After the mission is over and they have made their way back to the mainland, they will come to shore near some huts in a small village.

The Death Rites fires armor-piercing round, making it perfect for those hard to deal with enemies. It also comes with a compensator, so recoil is not a problem when firing in full auto. It comes with a 4 Star mod called Vampiric Triada, which allows it a chance to heal you when you do damage. This makes it a fantastic option for protracted firefights.

Finally, it comes with the Headshot Supremo which will grant additional Supremo charge when you score headshots. Given the importance of headshots against armored targets, this combines well with the armor-piercing rounds.

The Death Rites is a superb weapon for when your plans have gone off the rails, and you find yourself dealing with a flood of tough enemies.