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How to get the Fallen Log Marker in Find the Markers

Finding the Fallen Log Marker in Roblox Find the Markers is easy, but clearing the minigame to obtain it is challenging.

One of the eight new collectibles added to Roblox Find the Markers on February 17, 2023, was the Fallen Log Marker, an Insane-Difficulty Marker that is said to protect the Fantasy Forest’s fauna from harm. Surprisingly, this Marker is easy to find, but due to its Difficulty, you can expect that the procedure of getting this Marker is anything by simple. The Hint you are given regarding the Fallen Log Marker’s location is “By a waterfall.” Those who have explored the Washable Kingdom will likely know what landmark this refers to.

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Finding the Fallen Log Marker in Roblox Find the Markers

Reaching the Fallen Log Marker Hidden Location in Fantasy Forest of Find the Markers Roblox
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As noted above, the Fallen Log Marker resides in the Fantasy Forest of Roblox Find the Markers. For those unfamiliar, the Fantasy Forest is a biome in the Washable Kingdom, specifically on the northwestern side of the map. To enter the Washable Kingdom, you must travel to the Abandoned City from the Spawn plaza. Next, jump onto the upper ledge of the clock tower and head to the point above the building’s main entrance. You will see a vague silhouette of a climbable ladder leading to the Washable Kingdom in Roblox. After arrival, go to the waterfall in the bioluminescent Fantasy Forest.

Your next step for finding the Fallen Log Marker in Roblox Find the Markers is to make your way up the waterfall’s mountain using the oddly shaped squares on the side of the cliff. We recommend jumping onto the lowest side of the first square to easily start your ascent. Once you have made it onto the ridge overlooking the forest, look for a bluish, out-of-place rectangle in the mountain beside the waterfall. This oddly colored spot marks the entrance to the Fallen Log Marker’s secret location in Find the Markers.

Shooting Knives into the Smiling Log to Unlock the Fallen Log Marker in Find the Markers Roblox
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Inside the Fallen Log Marker’s cave in Roblox, you will find a giant smiling log with a nearby sign that reads “0/20.” This number tally refers to the knife minigame that involves throwing knives vertically into the smiling log. Once you have thrown the first knife, the log will begin to rotate, and you must do your best to time your throws so that the blades do not touch each other; otherwise, the Roblox minigame resets. We recommend timing your throws at the beginning or end of each rotation, as it was the strategy we used to clear the minigame after twelve unsuccessful tries. Once the knife count reaches 20, you will be rewarded with the Fallen Log Marker in Roblox Find the Markers.

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