How to get the Flashlight attachment in Sons of the Forest

Time to explore more caves.

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When you first spawn in Sons of the Forest, one of your main goals should be to get as many weapons as possible. This includes firearms which can help you out in critical situations. After acquiring the firearms, you can upgrade them using attachments. In this guide, we are going to explain how to get the Flashlight attachment in Sons of the Forest, which can be used with the Pistol and Shotgun.

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Where to find the Flashlight attachment in Sons of the Forest

The Flashlight attachment can be found inside a cave, but before going there, you need to first acquire the Rebreather and the Rope Gun. Without these two items, you won’t be able to progress through the cave. After getting both items, make your way to the center of the map and find the cave. Once there, enter the cave by breaking the barrier using a melee weapon and go forward until you reach the area where you need to use the Rope Gun to go to the other side.

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Then, you must go further down the cave until you reach the water area. Here, you need to equip the Rebreather and dive into the water. Without the Rebreather, you will be unable to breathe underwater. Keep on following the route until you make it back to the surface. Then, proceed forward until you reach the corpses. You can pick up the Flashlight attachment from one of the corpses.

To use the Flashlight attachment, you must first attach the Pistol Rail or the Shotgun Rail to your respective firearms. Without the Rail, you can not add any attachments to your firearms. If you already have the Rail attached, simply open your inventory and combine the Flashlight with your firearm. This can be done by putting both items at the center of the inventory and holding down the gear icon.