How to get the Frost Unicorn in Adopt Me

The Legendary Frost Unicorn is available in Adopt Me for only a week, giving players limited time to decide whether it is worth buying.

Frost Unicorn in Adopt Me Purchase Stand Near Nursery

Screenshot by Gamepur

Roblox Adopt Me’s new Legendary Pet featured in the Mountain Home Update is the Frost Unicorn, a gorgeous-looking equine with a sky-blue body, a snow-white mane, and a spiraling horn. Unlike the Possum and Firefly during last week’s Camping Shop Refresh, the Frost Unicorn is a time-limited offer that will disappear indefinitely on February 30, 2023. As a result, the value for this Pet will likely be much higher than normal Legendaries, as you might never be able to get your hands on one once the offer is over. Of course, trading is always an option if you also own scarce Pets in high demand.

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Unlocking the Frost Unicorn in Adopt Me

Buying Frost Unicorn in Adopt Me Shop
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The Frost Unicorn is a premium Pet in Adopt Me, meaning that the only way to get it is by spending Robux, the premium currency of Roblox. Unlike the Legendary Alicorn from Cracked Eggs, you cannot get a Frost Unicorn from any available Egg in the game. Instead, you must visit the purchase stand in front of the Nursery on Adoption Island or open the in-game Shop. The Shop can be accessed by selecting the shopping cart icon on the right of the UI and finding the Frost Unicorn Pet for 1,000 Robux beneath the Amazon Bird in Adopt Me.

Because the Legendary Frost Unicorn in Adopt Me is a paid Pet and is only available for a limited duration, deciding its trading value or worth might vary depending on the individual or shared opinions of a regional server. For instance, some might attempt to trade several Potions, Furniture, or Pets to reach an approximate 1,000 Robux value to match the Frost Unicorn’s worth. On the other hand, other Pet owners might feel their trade is worth one or more hard-to-get Neons or Megas in exchange for this limited-time Legendary in Roblox. Whatever the case, we recommend keeping your Trade License on hand to ensure you keep track of whoever trades in case of a scam.