How to get the Ghostbuster costume in Fall Guys

Bust the competition in this classic jumpsuit.

Image via Mediatonic

Fall Guys is no stranger to crossover events, with a cast of characters ranging from Spock to Hatsune Miku having already come to the game over the years. With Halloween quickly approaching, it’s only natural that we saw a new event make its way to the game. This time, it’s a selection of costumes from Ghostbusters, which of course includes the heroes’ classic gray jumpsuit.

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How to unlock the Ghostbuster outfit in Fall Guys

Screenshot by Gamepur

Unlocking the Ghostbuster costume in Fall Guys is a pretty straightforward process, but it will also probably involve spending a bit of money. You can purchase the full Ghostbuster costume via the in-game store for 800 Show-Bucks. Alternatively, you can buy just the upper half of the costume for 700 Show-Bucks, or just the lower half for 500. There’s also a bundle available in the shop that includes the Ghostbuster costume along with the Gozer costume and some assorted banners and patterns for 1,800 Show-Bucks. Note that the Ghostbuster costume, as well as the other Ghostbuster-themed cosmetics, including Slimer, will be unavailable starting October 31, although they could make a return appearance at some point in the future.

If you happen to have a few leftover Show-Bucks, there’s a chance you’ll be able to pick up enough to make up the difference (without spending any extra money) by progressing in the Season 2 season pass. Unfortunately, this will be quite a bit harder if you don’t already have the premium season pass, though. While the premium season pass has 15 Show-Bucks reward levels to pick up, the free version only has a scant 3 Show-Bucks levels. Each one of these levels will net you 100 Show-Bucks. If you’d rather just purchase the Ghostbuster costume outright, you’ll have to spend at least $8 to get the smallest available package of 1,000 Show-Bucks.