How to get the Slimer costume in Fall Guys

Become an ectoplasmic menace on Fall Mountain.

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Fall Guys is no stranger to crossover events, with characters from Spock to Sonic to Hatsune Miku all making guest appearances in the game. And with Halloween around the corner, it only makes sense that another cast of familiar characters is making their way to the game. This time, it’s the Ghostbusters’ turn to bust onto the scene, with four new outfits being introduced for the Halloween season, including everyone’s least favorite spectral roommate: Slimer.

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How to unlock the Slimer outfit in Fall Guys

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Unlocking the full Slimer costume in Fall Guys is pretty straightforward, but it will most likely involve spending a bit of money. The full Slimer costume can be purchased in the in-game store for 800 Show-Bucks. Alternatively, you can buy just the upper half of the costume for 700 Show-Bucks or the lower half for 500 Show-Bucks. There’s also a bundle that includes the Slimer costume along with the Mini-Puft Invasion costume and some assorted banners and patterns that can be purchased for 1,400 Show-Bucks. Also, note that the outfit is only available for a limited time in the store and will be leaving on October 31 (at least for now).

If you’re a seasoned Fall Guys player, there’s a good chance you’ll have some Show-Bucks leftover in your account. If you’re a bit short, though, you may be able to snag enough to complete the purchase in the battle pass. Unfortunately, most of the available Show-Bucks are in the premium battle pass track, but Fall Guys Season 2 does have a few in the free track as well. There are a total of 15 Show-Bucks reward levels in the current battle pass, with only 3 of those available to anyone without the premium pass. Each of these reward levels will net you 100 Show-Bucks total. If you’d rather just buy the Show-Bucks, you’ll need to spend at least $8 to get the smallest package of 1,000 Show-Bucks.