How To Get The Gold Camera In MW3 Zombies

The Gold Camera is a secret item that you can find in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, and this guide shows you how to get it.


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The arrival of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Season 1 for Zombies brings with it a handful of secrets you’ll need to track down. One of these secrets concerns players trying to figure out a Gold Camera, an item players are trying to figure out how to get.

Players are trying to find this Gold Camera to finish the ritual at the Dark Aether tornado. It’s a location on the edge of the tier-three zone, if you bring it to the ritual, players believe they can get something fantastic from it. We’re still trying to figure out those details, but the Gold Camera is not as tricky. Here’s what you need to know about how to get a Gold Camera in MW3 Zombies.

Where to Find The Gold Camera in MW3 Zombies

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You need to loot a Surveillance Camera off a Harvester Orb by shooting it with a weapon that has the Dead Wire Mod. From there, you need to find an Aether Rift, go through the portal, and you should find a Gold Rift in the air.

A little girl will laugh after you go through the gold rift, and a purple streak will soar. You’ll want to make your way to the ground to find what it is, and it should be a Contract that you and your MW3 Zombies group need to complete.

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My group dropped a Bounty contract. The boss for this encounter was much more complex than a traditional boss, and it also had the help of several other Disciples in the area. I had to have a level two Pack-A-Punch weapon to take it down, but it took a good amount of time, plus my squadmates were able to assist me.

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After I defeated the Disciple, a Gold Camera dropped, also called a Surveillance Camera, and I filled it out from the map. I’m keeping it in my inventory until I have all four of the Dark Aether Ritual items, then returning to the Zombies map to try and figure out how to activate it.

The trick is locating the Harvester Orb and using a Dead Wire mod on your weapon. Its distinct gold color highlights that it will drop a Surveillance Camera for you to grab. Tracking down the Harvester Orb can happen anywhere on the map, and I was able to do it in the outer layer, so wherever you can find one will be fine for you to complete this objective.