How to get the Gold Pass in Clash of Clans

Get rewarded for your Clash gaming.

Screengrab via Supercell

Since April 2019, Supercell has offered players in Clash of Clans some of the best value that you can purchase in a mobile game with the Gold Pass. Similar to how a season pass works in games such as Fortnite’s Battle Pass, the Gold Pass will offer you rewards in-game for purchasing the Gold Pass and completing weekly set challenges, as well as daily challenges.

These will add up to points that unlock rewards once you hit certain thresholds. For example, If there is a Builder Potion available for hitting 200 points, and a Research Potion for reaching 260 points, you will receive the Builder Potion once you hit 200 points, and will only require a further 60 points to then receive the Research Potion.

The rewards from the Gold tier will work wonders for making your villages as efficient as possible as they present boosts to your research via the laboratory, training troops through the barracks, and building with your builders. These boosts represent a reduction in the time taken to complete them and a cost reduction. At max boost, these benefits will provide a 20% reduction in time and resource costs. There’s also a free tier that all players can receive, so free-to-play players won’t miss out on some goodies.

One final bonus is also available in the form of an exclusive hero skin for those that complete the pass, which you can then add to your hero by heading to their stand, and pressing the ‘Change Skin’ button. The value for $4.99 a month is staggering and anyone serious about their Clash of Clans should consider a purchase.

How to get the Gold Pass

But how exactly do you get the Gold Pass? Firstly, in order to open the menu for the Gold Pass and receive the benefits of it, your Town Hall must have reached Level 7. If you have not reached Town Hall Level 7, the game will simply tell you that Season Challenges will unlock at that level.

If you are at Town Hall 7 or above, you will be able to press the little button with a shield containing plus symbols on the bottom left of your screen, just to the right of the ‘Attack’ button. 

Screengrab via Supercell

For those that have not bought the pass, the shield will be silver, whereas purchasers of the pass with see this as a gold shield. Once here, you will see an overview of the Gold Pass and the benefits that it offers, with the free tier rewards also available to collect.

It’s here that you will receive the option to get the Gold Pass. Once you attempt to purchase, it will take you to your device’s store, be it the Apple Store or Google Play, to make a purchase of it.

Once successfully purchased, the shield on the button will turn gold and you can start to claim any rewards met in the upper (paid) tier.