How to get the Heroic End SMG in Far Cry 6

The Heroic End SMG packs a 70-bullet magazine that can shred through enemies like butter.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Heroic End SMG is one of the best submachine guns you will find throughout Yara. It is one of the unique weapons that must be found in a specific area. When reading the information about the gun, the game will tell you that you must search the People’s Pride Clinic. Obviously, the game doesn’t tell you where this location is.

This SMG comes pre-equipped with blast rounds, the Headshot Spremo mod that gives a bonus Supremo charge for getting headshots, and the Gut-Wrencher mod that increases body shot damage. This beautiful weapon also comes with a 70-bullet magazine that can shred through vehicles and enemies alike.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The image above shows you where the People’s Pride Clinic is located. To get there, you will need to travel to the northern section of La Joya. There are a few nearby checkpoints and FND Bases that you can use as fast travel locations if you have them unlocked. You won’t need to worry about enemies when you reach the clinic.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you get to the clinic, your character will have some words about how the name of the clinic was changed. The location you are looking for is the one in the image above. This tent is behind the main building. We recommend going to the left of the building. It will cut down on the amount of walking you will need to do to get to the tent. The chest is in between two of the machines.