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How to get the Jinrikisha in Final Fantasy XIV

Spruce up your yard with this new Far Eastern furnishing.

Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 6.31 brought with it a variety of new housing items, perfect for housing enthusiasts all around Eorzea. Add a Far Eastern flair to your outdoor furniture arrangements with the Jinrikisha, a cute Far Eastern cab that sits nicely in your backyard. Here is how you can craft the Jinrikisha in Final Fantasy XIV.

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How to craft the Jinrikisha in Final Fantasy XIV

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The Jinrikisha is a level 90 Blacksmith recipe, and requires the following materials:

Manganese Ingots are a level 86 Blacksmith and Armorer recipe, with the Blacksmith recipe requiring 5 Manganese Ores, 1 Molybdenum Ore, and 8 Fire Crystals per ingot. The Armorer recipe requires 5 Manganese Ores, 1 Molybdenum Ore, and 8 Ice Crystals per ingot. Manganese Ore can be gathered via level 86 mining nodes around Elpis, and can also be obtained via Retainer Ventures and Free Company Submarine Voyages. Molybdenum Ore can be gathered from level 70 mining nodes at The High Bank, The Lochs.

Twinsilk can be bought from the Material Supplier vendor at Rhalgr’s Reach (X: 9.6, Y: 11.8) for the price of 4556 Gil, and is also available as a level 68 Weaver crafting recipe. It is more efficient to buy Twinsilk off the vendor as the base materials for the craft are also available from the same vendor.

Ebony Lumber is a level 50 Master Carpenter II recipe, requiring 2 Ebony Logs, 9 Borax, 2 Wind Clusters, and 2 Ice Clusters to craft a log. Borax can be obtained by trading in 250 Grand Company Seals with your respective Grand Company Quartermaster, though you will need to be of the Second Lieutenant rank in your Grand Company in order to unlock this trade. Ebony Logs can be acquired by logging at a timed level 50 node in Zephyr Drift, Middle La Noscea.

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