How to get the Waterfall Partition in Final Fantasy XIV

Do they ever overflow?

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The Waterfall Partition is one of the many crafting recipes introduced in Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 6.3. It is an interior furnishing, with its main feature being the curtain of cascading water that adds a charming touch to any interior. Here is how you can craft the Waterfall Partition in Final Fantasy XIV.

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How to craft the Waterfall Partition in Final Fantasy XIV

Image via Gamepur

Players will need a level 90 Armorer in order to access this recipe. The crafting materials required are as follows:

  • Chondrite Ingot x4
  • Integral Lumber x4
  • Prismstone x4
  • Ambrosial Water x4
  • Ice Crystal x32
  • Earth Crystal x32

Chondrite Ingots are a level 88 recipe for both Blacksmith and Armorer. You will require 5 Chondrite, 1 Dimythrite Ore, and 8 Elemental Crystals, with the element depending on the recipe. The Blacksmith recipe requires 8 Fire Crystals, while the Armorer recipe requires 8 Ice Crystals instead.

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Integral Lumber is a level 88 Carpenter recipe, requiring 5 Integral Logs and 8 Wind Crystals per slab of lumber. To craft enough lumber for the Waterfall Partition, you will need 20 Integral Logs and 32 Wind Crystals. You can gather the Integral Logs needed to craft Integral Lumber from gathering at the level 90 Ahm Nohl botany nodes in Ultima Thule.

Prismstone can be mined from a level 80 Legendary node in Saint Fathric’s Temple (X: 30.6, Y: 20.5), located in Il Mheg. Players will need a Tome of Geological Folklore for Norvrandt in order to gather it.

Ambrosial Water can be obtained by quarrying at the level 90 Northerly Zephyrneus nodes in Elpis. Players will have to be at least level 88 in order to gather it. It is also available as a guaranteed reward from the Mining Exploration Retainer Venture, though your retainer has to be level 88 in order to gather Ambrosial Water.