How to get the Kiriko Hand Heart emote in Overwatch 2

Kiriko loves you too.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch 2 community has a love for emotes. Whether it is to show off in the spawn room or show up your opponents after taking them down, the more emotes you have unlocked for your favorite hero, the better. With more content constantly being added to the game, you will want to stay on top of how to get each item. During Valentine’s Day, Kiriko has gotten a new emote where she makes a heart with her hands that some people will find cute. Here is how to get that Hand Heart emote.

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How to unlock the Hand Heart emote for Kiriko in Overwatch 2

Unfortunately, as of this writing, the Hand Heart emote for Kiriko is bugged in Overwatch 2 and not letting players unlock it, although you can still go about doing the requirements to get it once it has been fixed.

To unlock the Kiriko Hand Heart emote, you need to complete the Love Saves the Day challenge during the Valentine’s Day event. For this, you need to get 150 assists or saves in matches outside of Total Mayhem and cooperative modes. Jump into Quick Play or Competitive and get these stats within the two-week event to get Kiriko’s emote and the Lives are Short voice line for Ramattra.

The easiest way to get assists or saves is to play as a Support. For example, Zenyatta gets assists for every enemy that is killed with his Orb of Discord on them, and Lucio gets them when he speed boosts his team into fights where they get eliminations. Kiriko also is very good at racking up assists with her healing and Ultimate.

On the saves side, this is probably best accomplished with Mercy right now, as her healing beam has gotten a massive buff to heal injured teammates. Keep your healing beam on a teammate as they take damage, and you will receive saves for keeping them alive in situations where they normally would have gone down.