Overwatch 2 Support Character Tier List – The Best Healing and Support Heroes

Stay in the fight.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Support characters in Overwatch 2 are the lifeblood of your team. If they can keep their teammates alive, you are set up much better to come away with a victory. Now that each Support can heal themselves over time, their survivability just became much easier, and their elimination is much more important for teams to focus on. Here is a tier list of all the current Overwatch 2 Support heroes and where we think they should go.

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Support hero tier list in Overwatch 2

Note: the below tier list is our opinion of where Supports and healing characters stand as of Overwatch 2’s second beta. We will update these placements as more hero updates come out and more characters are added to the pool.



Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Lucio’s speed boost and healing area effects will be hard to beat in any team composition. With fewer people on the field, it is easier to help all your teammates, and with the healing passive, he can be very difficult to bring down as he wall rides around. He’s not a must-pick, but he can be important to any team.


Ana, Mercy

Screenshot by Gamepur

With teams having less people on the field, Mercy’s Resurrect becomes that much more important. Ana also has significant utilization with Nano Boost and her Biotic Grenade. The only thing keeping them from S-rank is they must focus their healing on one person at a time in most situations.


Moira, Zenyatta

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you know how to manage Moira’s resources properly, she is a viable choice in most team compositions. However, her utilization does have a ceiling since you need to put at least some focus into damaging enemies to keep her pool filled. It can leave you empty in important situations. Zenyatta is still an easy target for enemies to attack, but his two orb abilities are so nice to have in play. We also love the slight health increase and the new ability to kick enemies away for a little better survivability.



Image via Activision Blizzard

Baptiste’s Immortality Field will always have its defenders, but it is too easy to take off the field, and the cooldown is significant. We also believe he has the worst Ultimate in the game. If your team is sticking together, though, his healing can keep you alive when needed.



Screenshot by Gamepur

Brigitte is in a tough spot right now. Her Shield Bash stun was the easiest to pull off in the original Overwatch, but now that it doesn’t stun, it’s hard to justify using her. She needs to be in scraps hitting enemies to heal her teammates, but without her stun, she is pretty easy to take down.