How to get the Legendary Corpo Suit Set in Cyberpunk 2077

It’s not casual Friday.

What is an RPG without some full sets of clothing to collect I hear you say. Thankfully, Cyberpunk 2077 does have exactly that. The Legendary Corpo Suit Set is spread all over the map, but with this guide you will be able to track it all down in no time.

Each piece comes with its own level requirement, perks, and mods that are already installed, so if you want to look sharp and perform at your best, then this is for you.

Tactical Hybrid-Glass Corporate Glasses One

The outfit comes with two potential pairs of glasses. The first can be found in Santo Domingo. Head for the area where the road twists and turns and you can find them under a large sign on the side of the street.

Tactical Hybrid-Glass Corporate Glasses Two

A second pair can be found in Coastview in Pacifica, at the wreckage of crashed cargo transport just off the side of the road.

Breathable Reinforced Bio-Cotton Corporate Slacks

You can find the slacks in Watsone, just off the main road there is a small collection of buildings, cars, and bodies. The slacks will be on one of the bodies.

Corporate Blazer With Bulletproof Lining

Just up the road from the Slacks, also in Watson, you can find the Blazer. Drive until you see a “Strictly Illegal” sign, then you will find the Blazier on a body near a burning car.

Carbonweave Silk Corporate Shirt

You can find the shirt near 7th Hell in Heywood. It will be on a body behind some scaffolding across the street.

Ergonomic Reinforced Corporate Evening Shoes

You can find the shoes in Charterhill in Westbrook, but will need to have finished the “I Fought the Law” mission.