How to get the Lucent Blade mod in Destiny 2

Bring a sword.

Destiny 2

The Lucent Blade mod in Destiny 2 is an extremely powerful option in the game right now, especially with strong sword options like the Falling Guillotine and The Lament having a home in so many Guardians’ loadouts.

This mod will give you bonus Sword damage for five seconds when charged with light; consume one stack of Charged with Light to do so. Very important note for the Lament: when you are using another mod that is Arc-based in the same armor piece, the Lucent Blade mod will also greatly increase the charge rate for your equipped sword.

The best way to use The Lament is to take advantage of the Banshee’s Wail perk and a full charge for maximum damage.

To get the Lucent Blade mod, you will need to visit Banshee, the Gunsmith in the Tower. He will sell some random mods every day, and if you get lucky, you will discover that he is selling the Lucent Blade. It will cost 10 Mod Components, which can be earned by doing Banshee’s Daily Bounties.

Lucent Blade is a mod for your head armor, so you may need to invest some resources in upgrading it so you have enough energy to equip the mod, but it is definitely worth it if you use a sword a lot. Remember, you’ll also need to equip some other mods that will allow you to become Charged with Light. One of our favorites is the Taking Charge mod, which allows you to become charged with light every time you pick an Orb. Equip some Masterworked weapons and you will never run short of changes to take advantage of the Lucent Blade mod.