How to get the Manda Glider in Fortnite

Complete multiple quests to unlock this item, or wait for it to be available in the store.

Image via Epic Games

For a limited time ahead of its release to the item shop, the Manda Glider is available for you to unlock in Fortnite. However, there will be several tasks you need to complete before you can add it to your locker, and you’ll also need to make sure you sign up to add your account to these quests. This guide covers how to get the Manda Glider in Fortnite as a part of The Nindo 2022 Naruto Quests.

How to unlock the Manda Glider

There will be two ways for you to unlock the Manda Glider in Fortnite. The first method is one where you can earn it for free, but it will take quite a bit of your time, and you will need to complete all of The Nindo 2022 Naruto Quests. These quests launched on June 21 and will be available until July 7.

To ensure you can participate in The Nindo 2022 quests, you need to make your way over to the Nindo Website, log in using your Epic Games Store account, and sync your information to the website. Now, whenever you play Fortnite, the website can monitor your progress for all four badges. The Manda Glider will arrive on your account when you complete all four badges.

Here’s a breakdown of all the quests you must complete for The Nindo 2022 challenges.

  • Path of Itachi: Finish top six five times
  • Path of Gaara: Survive 24 Storm Circles
  • Path of Hinata: Catch 20 Fish
  • Path of Orochimaru: Eliminate 18 enemies

All these quests will count while playing in your Solo, Duo, and Trio Fortnite games in the Battle Royale and Zero Build modes. You will not be able to work while in a full Squad. You will want to return to The Nindo 2022 website to ensure everything is synced correctly.

Once the July 7 deadline hits, the Manda Glider and the other cosmetic items for this set will release to the Item Shop. You can directly purchase it from there.