How to get the Matte Black Master Chief skin in Fortnite

An exclusive style almost any player can unlock.

Image via Epic Games

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One of the most addictive elements of Fortnite is unlocking special styles for your beloved skins. Although most styles are typically obtained from the Battle Pass or Item Shop, Xbox mascot Master Chief features an additional Matte Black style that requires you to complete one simple task to own it. Here’s how to unlock the Matte Black Master Chief skin in the battle royale.

How to unlock the Matte Black style for Master Chief

Those who own the Master Chief skin in Fortnite can obtain his exclusive Matte Black style through one of two methods. Xbox Series X/S owners can do this by simply playing one full match with the character, while players without a current-gen Xbox console can unlock the style by accessing Fortnite on the Xbox Cloud Gaming mobile app.

The application can be downloaded straight from Xbox Cloud Gaming’s webpage on an iOS or Android browser, though you will have to log in or create an Xbox Live account to access the battle royale. Additionally, as Fortnite is free to play, you will not need an Xbox Live or Game Pass membership to play from the platform. Once that’s done, you can then head to the game’s main menu where a notification will reveal the Matte Black style has been unlocked.

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Keep in mind, that the Matte Black style can only be owned if you currently have the Master Chief skin. The cosmetic only comes around to the Item Shop a few times each year for 1,500 V-Bucks, but it was recently available for almost the entire month of May 2022, so players may expect to see it more often. Additionally, the skin typically heads to the shop in a Master Chief Bundle that also includes a UNSC Pelican Glider, a Lil’ Warthog Traversal Emote, and Gravity Hammer Pickaxe all for just 2,600 V-Bucks.