How to get the Mechbird Head in Tower of Fantasy

You can rebuild the Mechbird if you have the Star Grits for it.

Image via Hotta Studio

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The Mechbird is a speedy and versatile mount that you can ride in Tower of Fantasy. Where most mounts need to be manually assembled before they can be used, the Mechbird is no exception to this trend, requiring its head, torso, core, and legs to be joined together. While earning the Mechbird Head is particularly easy, it can only be obtained for a limited time.

How to unlock the Mechbird Head

Image via Hotta Studios

The Mechbird Head can only be obtained as an optional reward for participating in Tower of Fantasy’s Road of Strife event. In this event, which runs from September 1 to September 15, players compete in a series of challenges to earn an event-only currency known as Star Grit. This Star Grit can only be used to exchange for goods within the event’s store, known in-game as the Aidan Black Market.

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The challenges featured in Road of Strife vary weekly in terms of goal and level of challenge. In the first week, Stellarway Divergence features group PvM as multiplayer boss rushes, bomb defusal instances, and charging towers with batteries. The second week, divided into Orienteering and the Doubles Mega Arena, features competitive challenges in land-based mount racing and PvP combat.

The Mechbird Head is marketed within this store and sold for 1,000 Star Grit. However, you can only earn a maximum of 1,200 Star Grit daily. This means that to acquire the other three pieces of the Mechbird, you’ll need to keep up with the event and earn as much daily Star Grit as possible.