How to get the Mechbird Torso in Tower of Fantasy

Birds of a metal feather are sold separately.

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The Mechbird, as the name implies, is a mechanical bird that you can ride as a mount in Tower of Fantasy. Consisting of four pieces — the Mechbird Head, Torso, Core, and Legs — you must first gather and assemble the Mechbird before you can unlock it as a mount. The Mechbird Torso, while relatively easy to obtain, will only be available as an event reward for a limited time, meaning that you’ll need to act quickly to unlock it.

How to earn the Mechbird Torso

Image via Hotta Studios

The Mechbird Torso cannot be earned in Tower of Fantasy through regular gameplay. Instead, the Torso exists as a unique reward for participating in the Road of Strife event, taking place between September 1 and September 15. After the event concludes, the Mechbird parts will all become unobtainable.

In this event, you complete a series of challenges to earn Star Grit, a type of currency unique to the event itself. While the challenges themselves can range from PvM instances to PvP arena battles and multiplayer mount races, you earn Star Grit after completing any particular challenge. These challenges are meant to be worked through gradually, as you can only earn a maximum of 1,200 Star Grit per day.

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After participating in the event, you can bring your Star Grit to the event’s in-game store, known as the Aidan Black Market, where the Mechbird Torso is available for a price of 1,000 Star Grit. Of course, this one Mechbird piece alone won’t be enough to grant you a full Mechbird mount. Fortunately, other pieces of the Mechbird, such as the Mechbird Head, are sold in the exact same store, and for the exact same price each.